Thursday, January 29, 2015

Contemporary (We Still Love You, Virginia Woolf)

I'm sorry,
 Couldn't help but to overhear 
You and your friend discussing how you write. May I ask you a question?
 What do you write?
 Why do you write?
 What are you trying to say?
 What is your purpose?

You also read? 
 Why would you do that? Aren't you afraid another's words would 
Your voice?

Who are  your favorite writers
 of poetry? Of prose?
I'm sorry, I've never heard of those.
"I don't read contemporary authors,
I only read the classics.
You know,
 like Virginia Woolf."

Okay -
 Is there nothing to say 
  of today?
Alright, you pretentious twit,
 Do what they pay you for and
 Get back behind the bar and
 Make me another drink.