Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Journey of Words--Blog Tour: Patricia Stover-Creepers

The "A Journey of Words" Blog Tour is making a stop to talk with author Patricia Stover about her story, "Creepers."

Author name: Patricia Stover

Title of your AJOW story: Creepers

Post a brief synopsis of your AJOW story: A bitter old woman in a competition to win a gardening contest finds a creepy greenhouse.

What inspired you to write this story? It was the first story I had ever written. I wrote it for my first creative writing class years ago. When I heard about the AJOW anthology I wanted to be a part of it but the deadline was closing in and I didn't have a story. I dug through some of my old writing and came across this one, originally titled, "The Perfect Garden."

How long have you been writing? About 9 years

What genre do you usually write and why? Horror. I grew up watching horror films and reading Goosebumps.

What else are you working on writing at the moment? I am writing my first book, "Hitchhiking With The Devil".

What advice do you have to give new writers? Write as much as you can, and what you don't know about writing, research.

How can people discover more about you and your work?